Helping build strong, healthy families

Strong families don't just happen. Strong families are built!

Just like building a house, building a strong family takes plans, materials, tools, and work - oftentimes even HARD WORK!

Building a firm Family Foundation

Establishing your
Family Identity

Understanding Family
Roles and Responsibilities

Family Functions

Activities to
Strengthen Families

Resource List

To help you build your family strong and healthy, we have useful information, tools, and resources to:
  • Building a firm family foundation
  • Establish your family's identity
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities for each member of your family
  • Know and develop the basic functions of a family
  • Explore activities to do together as a family

Family Foundation
Whether it's a one-room cottage, or a towering edifice of steel, glass, wire, and concrete soaring hundreds of stories into the air, if it is to last, it must have a firm foundation. So, too, families must have a firm foundation.

Family Identity
Your family is unique. Taking time to understand your family history, the personality and temperament of your family members, defining your values and goals, and even finding or creating your own family crest will solidify your family identity.

Family Roles Responsibilities
Husband, Father, Wife, Mother, Son, Brother, Daughter, Sister, and Friend - there are many roles in every family. Understanding those roles and the responsibilities that go along with each is foundational to building your family.

Family Functions

Family Activities
The family that plays together, stays together. Activities done together build bonds between every family member and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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